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Monday, 18-Jun-2007 05:19
Weekend in Kuantan.. Quack Quack Quack
We were in Kuantan, last weekend to watch Fendi's lil boys play hockey in the inter-SBP hockey competition. Finally got to see the Mighty Duck's ducklingsĀ® and witnessed what they're made of and how far they can achieve so far..
It was quite funny to see the grown boys cheering up for the present boys. Other schools must be like wondering... "ni pakcik mana la yg semangat sgt sokong bebdk ni..". I must say that I quite admire what these ppl are doing. Something like giving back to the society.. Fendi asked whether I wanna do the same thing to my school. Still think that BBGS is not the same as SBU/ SBS.
Not bad for the boys to go as far as semi (and group champion) considering how new the Mighty Duck's involvement with them. Lost to SERATAS 3-1 on strokes (something like penalty for a footie game).. The veteran duckies must be proud of them..
Apart from that, got to meet bird and sam (hubby). Bird, btw, was due for delivery on 12th june, but nothing happened until that saturday. we came up with the idea of eating seafood to make her deliver normally (ps : fendi's cuz beranak after she ate seafood the day before.. maybe it can be applied to her too) . and the good news is.. she gave birth to baby girl on sunday!! congrats to both of them.. got her sms and it goes something like this :
"Alhamdulillah! Teori makan seafud mmg bole dipakai! (Baca ala2 testi power root) Dh selamat 10.22 pm mlm td. Baby girl branak normal. Nama Siti Hajar bt Shamsul Akmal. LAN ID - sitisam" chett, sempat tu..
Had a very gud seafood dinner at this place called Phuket in Kuantan (2 places at one time,eh? Not bad.. :-D ) It was quite cheap. Kirenya makan tak terlebih and tak terkurang..just nice. Habisla hang bird kena blanja kite kat kemamang.. Gelak sampai sakit muka, lama tk gelak kuat2. how i miss uni days..bestnye..
Ah well, time to continue with my training and put an end to this attempt to write blog style..haha, klaka rasenye.

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